Lovato Gas, overcoming the challenges presented by the continual evolution of the engines and of new environmental requirements, is now able to offer a complete range of systems and components for the conversion of gas-powered vehicles, both LPG and CNG, in compliance with the latest regulations on polluting emissions. The over 5 million cars equipped in the world with Lovato Gas systems are the living proof of the success of a product characterized by reliability and easy installation. The breaking with the past and the begging of the future took place shortly after with the design and development of the first Multivalve for LPG systems which has been continually updated and is still widely used today


Our company is worldwide recognized for the technology, the quality and reliability of the products, as well as for the efficiency in providing service to the customers. Seeking for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, high flexibility and investments in technologies are, since 30 years, the guidelines of our company.


We Highrise’s are the importer of CNG Sequential reducer (HIGHRISE), VCA & ICAT approved, CNG Injector Rail (HR-04) approved by ICAT, CNG High Pressure Pipe approved by ICAT, CNG Electronic Control Unit  and CNG Pressure Gauge is approved by Luxembourg Europe. he Highrise brand is popular among its customers for its design and structure featured on the reliability and ease of installation. Company aims to reach to all its customers and its endeavour.

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